New global opportunities emerge after UK government slashes subsidies

Subsidies for solar industry slashed after new regulations were set in the UK.

It was an opportunity for Sun Investment Group (SIG), specializing in origination of bankable PPA off-takers, to reorganize and set its focus on RE100 and solar industry globally.

Massive awareness is being conducted on the need to adopt environmentally-friendly sources of energy. More and more companies follow the trend and need to rely on solar power which results in global anti-pollution movement.

RE100 is a collaborative, global initiative uniting more than 100 influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity, working to massively increase demand and delivery of renewable energy.

The initiative keeps on growing each year since 2014 and shares the compelling business case for renewables, such as greater control over energy costs, increased competitiveness, and delivery on emission goals.

SIG started collaborating and advising a number of multinational corporates outside of the UK that participate in RE100 initiative, such as Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Nestle, Mondelēz International, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Novo Nordisk, Synergy Health, HP and Baldor Electric Company in order to find most feasible solutions to utilize solar energy.