Sun Investment Group joins British Solar Industry Association

Sun Investment Group (SIG) has joined the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) which is a strong political and commercial organisation. It has a trusted voice in the business and has made a significant contribution to the emergence of the UK’s solar PV industry in recent years. Now it is one of the largest solar markets in the world by installed capacity.

By joining BPVA, group also becomes a member of British Energy Storage Industry Association (BESIA); this way SIG links with the community of organisations and companies that operate in the solar energy field.

For the group it is a move to strengthen its presence as it tries to improve its market penetration in the UK. The company strives to be an active member of BPVA by taking part in activities which include tradeshows and marketing campaigns. A part of SIG mission is to become a major contributor to the development of the country’s solar industry.

As a member of the BPVA, Sun Investment Group will receive key information about the solar industry, government policies and data forecasts that will help the company to plan their expansion strategy. The trade group provides regular updates on the solar industry development that will affect the country’s energy grid in the future.

The group will now have an opportunity to meet new business partners through BPVA’s activities, connect with the other companies and bolster its brand. There are over 750 associate members, making BPVA the most influential trade group for the solar industry in the UK. Sun Investment Group, as a member of BPVA, can now take a part in all major industry conferences and exhibitions which provides great opportunities for SIG to meet financial institutions and investors.

The BPVA has influenced, promoted, and brought changes in the UK’s solar PV industry that has benefited all its members. It is recognised by various government agencies that include the Cabinet Office, Treasury, UKTI, MOD, DECC, and Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As a member of the BPVA, Sun Investment Group will now gain access to the white papers, position papers and annual market reports, which the trade group publishes on a regular basis. These are good sources of information that the company can use for its strategies and be a vital player in the solar PV industry.