Sun Investment Group enters the UK market

In 2014 the United Kingdom had a huge success growing solar power. In just a year it went from 2,8GW to 5GW of solar photovoltaic capacity having solar panels installed all over the country.

Analysis has shown that solar is the most popular form of energy generation and that it works efficiently in the UK despite the occasionally cloudy weather conditions. Panels in London generate 65% as much energy as in Madrid and perform more efficiently in cooler temperatures.

Solar PV was rising in various domains — from solar farms to panels on homes, schools and even churches and bridges. Solar energy businesses had a great opportunity to fulfil the demand of growing industry.

Having obtained successful solar PV projects globally Sun Investment Group shifted focus to expand their operations to new markets. Many residential and commercial establishments were shifting towards solar energy with high demand for affordable solutions. Sun Investment Group entered the UK’s market expecting to address its needs.

Recent statistics have indicated that the number of consumers relying on solar power to meet their energy demands in the UK has gone up as a result of threat to global environmental degradation. Related industry sectors started conducting massive awareness on the need to adopt environmentally-friendly sources of energy, providing an opportunity for solar to manifest with new construction projects on the market.

Right now the primary focus for Sun Investment Group is to take a more active role in planning to develop projects and be a major contributor to the UK solar market infrastructure. It is expected that this entry to UK will not only diversify the local market but act as a key investment strategy for the group.