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Lösungen for landowners

Operational land lease / Landowner partnerships

Sun Investment Group is proud of its reputation as a professional, considerate neighbour, as we develop and operate plants for the long term. SIG pipeline includes 150 MW successful co-operations with landowners.

Make your land work for you

Sun Investment Group works with landowners seeking for a way to turn their land into new energy generating capacity and generate long-term income. SIG encourages property owners, including farmers, entrepreneurs and local government units to cooperate and lease available land plots or rooftops. SIG works closely to develop the best project for the land and the environment with no risks involved from landowner side.

SIG cares about the land it uses. Solar park installations leave over 90% of the land available for other activities such as crop production, livestock grazing, wildlife protection and biodiversity enhancement. Each solar park is an opportunity to add value to the land.

What is the value?

  • Predictable, long-term revenue stream
  • Diversification of land use
  • Low-impact, emission free infrastructure
  • Support clean energy resources for your local community

Low land and environment impact

Harvesting sunshine is surprisingly safe and easy. Producing solar energy is considered one of the cleanest and safest ways to generate electricity.

  • No noise or air pollution
  • No emissions or radiation
  • No hazardous materials used
  • Limited maintenance activity, traffic
  • Property easily returned to existing state

Sun Investment Group is proud of its reputation as a professional, considerate neighbour, as we develop and operate plants for the long term.


  • Unsere Planung
  • Unsere Eigeninvestition


Standortanalyse und Anlagendesign, Sicherung des bestmoeglichen Netzanschlusses, Genehmigungsprozess und Sicherung der bestmoeglichen Vermarktung.


Strukturierung und Beschaffung von Projektfinanzierung.


EPC-Management, Nutzung der Erfahrung und Garantiestärke von SIG’s Netzwerk vertrauenswuerdiger Subunternehmer.


Technische Analyse, wirtschaftliche und rechtliche Bewertung

Planung und Bau

Schlüsselfertige Lösung (EPC) - Formalitäten, Planung und Bau


Optimierter Einsatz von Eigen- und Fremdkapital

Betrieb und Wartung (O&M)

Optimierung, 24/7 Überwachung, Wartung, Versicherung und Garantien.

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